40KV 2000PF High Voltage Doorknob Ceramic Capacitor
Rated Voltage:40KVDC
Rated Capacitance:2000PF
Test Voltage: 60KVDC 60s
Size:D52mm x H26mm, M5, Customized available on request
Brand: AnXon AXC
Equivalent to TDK UHV-9A & AVX HP60E40202M

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1).Excellent behavior on pulse and fast discharge conditions
2).Excellent capacitance vs voltage characteristic
3).Very low partial discharge
4).Low dissipation factor
5).High reliability, Customized products available on request


HV power supplies, DC Power Supplies, DC HV power supplies, High voltage power supply

X-Ray Power Supplies, CRT power supplies, Marx generators, Power generators

Lasers, Gas Laser, high voltage lasers, High voltage supply for gas lasers

Lightning arresters, Lightning Arrestor, voltage distribution systems, AC Voltage Distribution

Electrostatic spray equipment, Electrostatic Copying Machines, Electrostatic coating machines

Electron Microscopes and synchroscopes, High voltage dividers

High voltage coupling devices, Power line coupling system for Internet & Telecom

High voltage power circuits for medical devices, lithography, industrial analyzers

Distribution line switches (zero-phase detection, demarcation point), electric power selling detection

For GCB/GIS Gas Circuit breakers for gas insulation switchgears (supporting SF6 gas)

3、Products Range

1). Rated voltage: 10 to 150 kVdc
2). Rated capacitance: 10pF to 0.02uF
3). Test voltage: 12 to 80 kVrms
4). Lightning Impulse voltage 35 to 200 kVdc
5). Partial discharge test:1 to 10pC

4、Regular Products
Part Number
Rated Voltage
AXCT8GD201K40DB 40 200 ±10 25 30 34 5
AXCT8GD391K40DB 390 28 30 34
AXCT8GD851K40DB 850 38 30 34
AXCT8GD162K40DB 1600 48 30 34
AXCT8GD272K40DB 2700 58 30 34
AXCT8GD332M40DB 3300 ±20 60 30 34
AXCT8GD502M40DB 5000 60 30 34
AXCT8GD103M40DB 10000 80 34 38

5、Outline Drawing


AnXon provide high quality replacements of the below famous brand capacitors with great success experience of customers

AVX HP / HW / HK / HD / HE Series N4700 Dielectric High Voltage Ceramic Doorknob Capacitors

EPCOS TDK TSF / H / GA / FD / MD / UHV / FHV Series Z5T, Y5S, Z5U, Y5P Dielectric Ultra high Voltage Ceramic Capacitor

Murata DHS Series N4700 Z5V Dielectric Mold Type High Voltage Ceramic Doorknob Capacitor


Main Dielectric for High Voltage Doorknob Ceramic Capacitor

NPO, SL, K100, K300, K1700, N4700, Y5S, Y5T, Z5T, Y5P, K3500, K5000, Y5U, Z5U, Y5V, Z5V

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