AnXon AXCT300/20/100 Fixed Vacuum Capacitor
Type: AXCT Type Fixed Vacuum Capacitor
HF Peak Working Voltage: 2kV~90kV
Test voltage: 2.8kV~128kV
Capacitance: 1pF~8000pF
Operating Frequency: up to 200Mhz
Max RF Current (13.56MHz): 8A~2000A
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Brand Name: AnXon

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AnXon AXCT300/20/100 Fixed Vacuum Capacitor

Product Description
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Cixi AnXon Electronic Co., Ltd develops and manufactures high quality vacuum capacitors. These specialized products are used for precise control of plasma processes like thin-film deposition and etching for semiconductors, flat panel displays, solar panels and industrial coatings. With years of experience in designing vacuum capacitors,  AnXon combines expertise and technology to meet your demand for high performance vacuum capacitors.



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Original High Performance Vacuum Capacitors by AnXon

AnXon's capacitor product line offers the broadest selection of capacitance, power, voltage and drive systems in the market. They are produced with the best materials, fabrication processes and quality standards. 

Fixed Capacitors

Fixed capacitors have a single, fixed capacitance value, which cannot be adjusted. They are designed for a wide variety of applications like broadcast and communication transmitters, antenna network systems, output filters, coupling capacitors, industrial RF generators and nuclear research.

Variable Capacitors

Variable Capacitors are just that: capacitors that can be intentionally and repeatedly changed, both mechanically and electronically.


Product Application

AnXon High Performance Vacuum Capacitors Applications

AnXon offers you the benefit of more than 50 years of expertise in vacuum technology, producing the world's finest non-thermionic vacuum components for high voltage and high frequency applications, including:

• Broadcast Radio Transmitters
• Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment
• Plasma Generating Equipment
• Industrial Dielectric Heating Equipment
• Power Switching and Interrupting
• Avionic and Mobile Radio Systems
• Radar Antenna Switching
• MRI and NMR
• High Voltage Capacitor Banks

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